76173 Lego Spider-Man and Ghost Rider Vs Carnage Review

by Nikita P.

76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage has a muscle car that looks perfect for the popularly known Hell King. This also reflects his design which we all know is truly intimidating. There are rear tires that are enlarged. These are truly impressive and you would truly love the color scheme.

There have been several comparisons that have been done between the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and the 75893 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon with the 76173 Spider-Man and Ghost Rider vs. Carnage they all bode very well with the Dodge Charge from the Champions of speed. Also, there are Ghost Rider Minifigures which are available and they look wonderful.

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The Minifigures

The LEGO Group has created a lot of Lego versions of Spiderman since the year 2002. Like each version gets inspired by the usual blue and red dress. These are all reasons why they all seem similar. Though the Minifigure typically gets better by its previous one. There are also black webbed designs through the torso and the head and the emblem becomes smaller. 

Though the plain blue legs are truly disappointing because there are lots of sets that get produced during 2019 and 2020 which contained the Minifigures from Spider-Man. They have molded legs about two in number. After bringing forth these details, selecting these gets rid of them from being bewildered. The figure changes and becomes the second such that we now have Spiderman Minifigure which looks like that from several other Marvel Lego sets.

The web decoration looks wonderful and it looks great from both arms. Spiderman holds two Power Blast Parts. You would be surprised that these web accessories were not provided. Though this LEGO set has its arrangement. It has different trans organs elements which are necessary to create the flaming details necessary for Ghost Rider's car.

This LEGO set has an excellent torso. It shows the white patterns which properly shows the difference between Robbie from all the other Ghost Riders. Normally, you get to enjoy patterns that are complementary and they would carry on through the legs. These orange highlights through the shoulders might look a little bit off. This Minifigure makes sure it has all of the visages from our hero. Even with the teeth, that's highly prominent.

Carnage looks like the usual way she has always looked all through the marvel universe. As an alternative villain, one would have preferred that. Though this character acts like a maniac a lot would have been more appropriate to contend with Ghost Rider. They have the same head, the same leg elements, and the same torso which have all been used since 2019. These all include black tendrils, great details, and stretch which God's across all components and even the feet.


Sadly, the Minifigure does not have properly decorated arms which were available with the 76036 character which was present from Carnage’s Shield Attack from the Sky. This got produced in the year 2015. One would prefer that design originally because it recreated Carnage's gruesome appearance from the comic books. However, people prefer the brand new tendrils which are available at the back of the villain. These could get articulated individually to grab fresh victims.

The Model when it is fully Built

Unlike the previous Ghost Riders, Robbie Reyes drives a wonderful 1969 Dodge Charger R/T. This explains all of the similarities between the classic car from 75893 2018 Dodge challengers and then the 1970 Dodge charger R/T. The black bodywork looks great and there are certain techniques for the building which would not get changed between this vehicle and the design from the year 2019. From the cockpit to other building techniques. Like the cockpit and the top. 

This model is a little bit longer than the other type from speed Champions. This measures almost about seventeen cm. The most obvious difference would be the rear wheels which are enlarged. This results in a forward rake that fits this vehicle properly. This is also depicted without a high dramatic rake like those from the comics.

The black dodge charger looks great. This vehicle would get enjoyed when people play with all of the accessories which flame. They were created originally for interacting with Minifigures and several efforts done from the past have not been successful. It is a beautiful design and it makes use of all accessories to show hellfire. 


One of the aspects of this weak model is the points of transition between the sides of the vehicle and the roof. New windscreen elements could have probably been necessary to make that design better. There wouldn’t be space for just one Minifigure inside and then the combined windscreen and roof assembly which could get removed easily for access.

One of the best Trans Orange details would be those on the flank. The components which typically wrap around these Minifigure hands would get employed to look like the attachment points of the flame. These round elements are connected to the right rear and left front tires. They look great. These all stand out against the bodywork that's dark in color. 

Constructing the rearmost section could be familiar. There are building techniques from the previous sets that are similar to these sets. These all allow you to accurately use tail light shapes and it could surprise you because these levels of intricacy are not highly present in Marvel Lego superhero sets. Sadly, two further flame elements are situated at the other end. There are also 1x2 slopes which are included to replace these when they return to Dodge charger and its original design.

So there we have it. That closes the review of this LEGO set. You know all about how it'll look when it is completed, you know about the Minifigures, you know what it is supposed to look like after you're done arranging the LEGO sets from its bricks. What are you waiting for, go ahead and get yourself this lovely Marvel Super Hero Lego set and have fun? 

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