70816 LEGO Benny Spaceship Review!

by Nikita P.

After looking at this Lego set from anywhere, either the internet or at a friend's place or from the LEGO movie, you would want it to be yours honestly. If you have watched and enjoyed the Lego movie, you'll remember this as the spaceship that Benny that 1980 spaceman built at the movie end. 

Contents in its Lego Pack  

This Lego set has its pack which contains the following items;

1. 7 different bags of parts

2. Instructions in cardboard with two books and a sticker sheet 

lego 70816

This Lego set has about 939 parts. Which you could see from the complete inventory.

The Available Lego Parts

The usual classic space theme is normally dark and has a lot of blue, grey, and transparent yellow in this set. From looking at the Lego set photos, you'll know that there are a lot of old parts that always makes a comeback. There are several wings, either the new types or the old ones, guns, bombs, and tailfins.

It is nice to watch a brand new print of the usually classic logo for space. It isn't so nice that all the other stickers are in different parts. There are even available on the LL 928 parts which got printed from that of the Galaxy Explorer 

Like some of the other different Lego sets, this comes with an engraved 1*4 tile that has a special code that's used to free content from the LEGO video game from the LEGO movie. The one we had simply had an MA-7K9P8FY4 and they've helped unlock Astro Pants and Pilot. One doesn't have any idea what this would mean. You might not enjoy playing this game especially getting through the area that you'll need to type using very special codes. 


Minifigures in this Lego Set

For this Lego set, the four mini-figures include Astro Kitty, Robo Pilot, Space Wylestyle, Benny, Emmet, Robo, and a Unikitty. Making about 5 Minifigures all together.

Have you checked Metabeard’s Sea Cow? Not everyone knows him as a mini-figure. Having two face prints and the usual smiley face, he is normally recognized by his grinning face. He has a torso with a faded Space Classic Logo on it. This is a great touch.

You can also see Astro Kitty. This is the fourth UniKitty in the variant. She’s fragile and loses her head often. This usually adds to her playability. This does especially when you think about her R2-D2 placement style.


The Build

When you want to build this, you need to start with small ships, about three in number. These are exact and they would clip on the end of the spaceship. These pods have their canopies that are brand new and have trans yellow color. Sadly, some stickers are placed on them. These stickers are just transparent too. This simply means you’ll get big prints of your fingers on the sticky side. This never comes off though. Whenever you put a mini figure inside one of the space pods, the canopy would lift and this would be used to target all the bad guys. This doesn't look cool in this mode. But in the end, it makes it playable and nice. 

The Octan Black Ship is a little hit eviler looking and streamlined. This trans red and black color theme helps too. There's a Robo Pilot that can fit in the cockpit. Though fitting this into the fun using the same time is quite difficult.

This Spaceship starts its building using a solid base of studded Technic frames and bricks. These also use the yellow/blue color scheme from the beginning of the build.

It doesn't take very long before this ship

became very big and you can now take full frames of it using your light homemade tent. This is quite a very big ship you know. The front of the ship has wings and smaller front builds. They would also have the annoying flick missiles that'll be mounted underneath. But these all look cool. 


The wings at the rear end sit on a sliding base and they have tiles with slotted bricks which is there to guide them as it flies. The middle engine found at the back is there to help them. The engine in the middle guides them using two Technic beams so whenever it is pushed in, these winged come out, and in return, this happens simultaneously. 

At the center of the ship, around the back of the cockpit, you can find a simple round pit area for control where you’ll find a hatch that covers this. There are different computer stations for more than one person to stay there. The secret of all of this is that they could all stay on a tile which would be covered by a hatch when it closes. This helps keep all of it a secret perhaps. There’s also a slot at the top where you can put Astro Kitty without her falling out. This hatch simply closes in peace and it loses grip with the wing gently with style. Don’t worry you’ll see.

lego lights

There are about two guns available on top of the hatch. Of these two types, you could recognize them from the 2014 star wars set. They have three parts for ammo. You could lose some of them or break them because they are thin and long. 

After these, you mount the cannons and the fins for the tail and other bits with flair. Here this becomes more important that these cannons cannot fire when these wings are put behind. These extended wings are now put into a mode for an attack. The other mode is fast cause there isn't any other name to call this.

We hope you enjoy playing with this Lego set. The 70816 LEGO Spaceship for Benny is truly a great Lego piece. With it, you'll feel just like Benny from the LEGO movie. Have fun!

lego lights
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