20 LEGO GIFTS FOR Little Girls

by Nikita P.

Have you gone shopping to purchase a Lego set for your little girl, but it’s been giving you a headache because there are so many sets available? If this is the problem, you willenjoy this article because it talks about twenty Lego gifts for little girls.


After going through severe research and creating a good list of the best Lego gifts for little girls so that you don’t suffer yourself by searching through the market the umpteenthtime, using this article, you can honestly save yourself a lot of stress.


lego lights

This guide on which Lego gift to buy for your little girl has lots of essential details you can use when you're struggling on what to purchase for your little princess, which'san awesome Lego fan.


Here you can enjoy twenty of the top-rated Lego sets for your little girls. You know that from this list you can get a Lego present here. Let’s go right into this.


List of 20 Lego Gifts for Little Girls

1. Lego Heart Lake Friends Summer Pool 41313

Whenever you’re talking about Lego presents for little girls, the heart lake Summer Pool is a beautiful set. Its TV screen pieces, speakers, ring slide made with rubber, divingboard, aquarium, shower, air mattress. It has five hundred and eighty-nine pieces. You are sure that your baby girl has more than enough to build with.

Because of this, coordination and motor skills are appropriately developed. Your little girl would learn how to read and adequately follow instructions too. 

lego 41313

2. LEGO Classic Creative Fun 11005

An awesome Lego building kit comes with about nine hundred pieces and some bricks mix, which includes special bricks like windows, doors, wheels, and eyes. There's also the brickseparator which makes it simpler to take the bricks apart.

Your little girls could make use of these building sets to let their levels of creativity show as they build vehicles, animals, buildings, and a lot more. This Lego set has ideas fora facility that could help your little girl start creating lovely buildings. 

3. LEGO Disney Princess Moana's Ocean

The Voyage for our Princess Moana building Lego set helps kids make constructions using the three hundred and seven pieces they’ve got. This is more than enough for your littlegirl to enjoy building for a long while. All through this time, they can develop their motor skills and coordination.

Including things like Moana Minifigures, Maui, the demigod, Hei Hei, the chicken. Your little girls would enjoy these characters. They get to play scenes from the animation, and withthis, they want the LEGO set and grow to become more creative.

This is a canoe for voyaging. It also has a sail. You can go to the island of Tefiti using an openable deck. This grants your little girls more than enough to play with. Your littlegirl can combine this Lego set with other Lego constructions to match and mix different worlds and characters. This is quite essential for the creative side of your little girl. 

LEGO Disney Princess Moana's Ocean

4. LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a massive part of the architectural series created by the LEGO Group. This model is quite beautiful. It has faceless lady liberty and a pedestal that’squite detailed. When you complete the statue, it would be about seventeen inches tall.

Building this beautiful statue would need you to remain patient. It would also show you how detailed it can be. This creates an excellent Lego set for elder sisters to show their littlesisters how constructing a Lego set can be done. 

 LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty

5. LEGO Friends 41665 Mia’s Tree House

Lego Mia’s Tree girls house is an excellent Lego set with about three hundred and fifty-one bricks. This lets your little girl enjoy a high amount of time. Putting all of thesetogether helps your girls focus more and improve their motor skills and coordination. It could be used with several other Lego construction sets. Your child can play more using their imagination too.

When your entire set is built, there are attic pieces, a skateboard, zip wire, a ladder, and a house. There’s more than enough for your little girl to stay occupied and to playwith for enough time. 


6. LEGO 41314 Friends Stephanie's House.

I’m sure your little girl would love the LEGO Friends set. This Lego set has six hundred and twenty-two Lego bricks. Your little girl would have more than enough pieces to playwith for a while. This Lego set grants your little girl the power to develop her coordination and increase her motor skills.

We all love how this Lego set is compatible with several other Lego toys. This lets your child enjoy more options to play. They can remain quite creative too.

This Lego set has a staircase, bathroom, office, bedroom, kitchen, porch, lounge, which would let your child enjoy many playthings. 


7. Lego Friends Lighthouse Rescue Center

This Lego set has six hundred and two pieces. It is a playset that’s awesome for little girls that like playing with animals. This Lego set has a rescue clinic with a lookout deck,office, TV room, playroom too. This comes with two mini-figures, birds, seals, dolphins, a water scooter, a mini slide island. 


8. Lego Disney Cinderella Castle

This Lego castle comes with five hundred and eighty-five pieces, and it could build a three-story castle that one could use as secret hiding places, lounge, kitchen, dance floor whichrevolves, balcony, bedroom. There’s the horse cart. Whig has Prince Charming, Cinderella, and some mice with other accessories. There are also beautiful flowers that can be found in front of the castle. 

Lego Disney Cinderella Castle

9. LEGO Friends Olivia’s Hamster

This little Lego set has just eighty-one bricks. It is pretty fun to play with and to build. Little girls enjoy the mini motorcycle, the spinning hamster wheel, the slalom ramp too.It also runs using an Olivia fill and three beautiful little hamsters.

Once completed, the hamster car can run on the wheel, and it can also be launched off the ramp over the cones.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Hamster

10. LEGO Friends Heart-lake Pizzeria 41311

Friends Lego set for little girls could be used to play with other Legos. Little girls like this feature because it bells them to merge their different Lego sets into large big ones.They are helping their levels of imagination increase.

This is a little Lego set that comes with two hundred and eighty-nine pieces that could be more manageable for little girls to construct. During the process of building, they would remainfocused. This helps improve their levels of concentration, motor skills, and coordination. They have also included Emma and Oliver figures for your little girl to play with. 


11. LEGO Ariel and the Magical Spell

This Lego set comes with its sliding door, hideout, treasure chest too. Your little girl can construct this Lego set by using the two hundred and twenty-two pieces available. This grantsthem lots of fun. They would remain occupied for a long time.

All through the process of building, young kids are encouraged to make use of their problem-solving skills. They would enjoy the chance to improve their motor skills and coordinationtoo.

This Lego set can be used with different Lego sets. Little girls enjoy lots of freedom to play as much as they would like creatively. You would notice Ursula and Ariel mini-figures.The Ariel toy could play by using her green tail as a mermaid or using her legs like a human. 

 LEGO Ariel and the Magical Spell

12. LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Stand 41332

This Lego set would be so much fun to build. Little girls, watch out cause this Lego set was created to be played with by the LEGO Group for you and all your friends. This Lego set alsoprovides you and your friends with hours of playtime. With this Lego set, you guys would stay engaged for several hours. Your coordination levels and motor skills would grow too.

After you guys build this set, the art stand has got a trailer that could open up in several ways. These are fun features that your kids would enjoy. There’s the cat bed, scooter,and postcard available. There’s also the Emma doll and Chico cat available.

This gives young kids the chance to have fun and play with the LEGO set in really creative ways. These could be used with different Lego sets that would increase how you little girlsimagine the world—Emma’s art stand, what a lovely Lego set. 


13. LEGO Friends Emma’s Art Café 41336

Lego friends is sure a collection of Lego sets for you little girls. Well, the Emma’s Art Café comes with about three hundred and seventy-eight Lego blocks. This is a greatLego set for every teenage girl. It has a porker number of Lego pieces that would let you as a little girl remain correctly engaged. If you’re a little girl that enjoys challenges like my sister, this Lego set is forboth of you.

All through the process essential in building this Lego set, your motor skills, and problem-solving techniques are tested. Your coordination would get improved too.

When you built the Art Café, your little girl could make use of the Emma Lego mini-figures to enjoy several things. This includes the cash register, shutters, artwork area, coffeemachine too.

These are great ways for your kids to play using their imagination. This could be the case if you decide to use this Lego set and merge it with others. 


14. LEGO DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High School

We a Lego set for building that grants your little girls the skills necessary to build a high school. This Lego set, known as LEGO’s DC Super Hero Girls Super Hero High Schoolbuilding set, has seven hundred and twelve pieces.

It grants little girls a tremendous challenge that would call on their problem-solving skills and motor abilities. The process necessary for the building is essential for their coordinationlevels to grow.

You can notice DC super Hero Girls mini-figures like Lena Luthor, Super Girl, Poison Ivy. I wonder why Green Lantern and Wonder Woman are absent from the list of mini-figures. Oh well,if you’re a fan of Lego DC like I am, you would recognize these characters from the LEGO animation. 

15. LEGO Friends Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter

Lego friends are here again. Here they come as the LEGO Friends Andrea Speedboat Transporter. Coming with a fantastic building Lego set helps kids create what is essential, using threehundred and nine Lego pieces. This grants them more than enough details to keep them occupied for more than enough time. As your little girl constructs this set, she would have her motor skills and coordination developed.

If your girl gets stuck at any point in time, they could use their problem-solving techniques to push through.

After they finish creating this set, they could use Andrea and Emma's play dolls to enjoy this Lego set. There is a speedboat that serves as excellent propellers which can turn andpush this Lego set. These are more fun and quite interactive for Kids to enjoy. There’s also the barbecue, sun loungers, beach car, and trailer too.

Your little girl gets provided with more than enough options, which would help them remain creative.


 LEGO Friends Andrea’s Speedboat Transporter

16. LEGO Ideas Women of NASA

LEGO’s Ideas Women of NASA remains an epic set that has about four Lego mini-figures. These figures are named Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, Nancy Grace Roman, and Margaret Hamilton.These are figures from history. They could teach your young one all about the ladies of NASA while they enjoy with the toys.

All these characters have accessories that grant them more opportunities to learn. You would also have instruction booklets that ensure that your child can correctly construct theirLego set. This boosts their confidence and also develops their motor skills.

The provided booklet has more than enough information on these four NASA women. This can adequately inspire your little girl to break the boundaries and be the best she can be. 

LEGO Ideas Women of NASA

17. LEGO Friends Snow Resort Chalet 41323

This Chalet Snow Resort by Lego features two dolls. These include Luna, Andrea, Amy too. They have clothes which are just perfect for the cold weather.

This Snow Resort Chalet by LEGO features two doll figures. These include an Amy, Andrea, and Luna husky toy, which have outfits for the winter weather. There are also accessory piecesavailable, including a wooden trunk, skis, pots, cups, croissants, cheese, mini board games, a mobile phone, camera, perfume bottles, and a map.

All of these pieces provide children with a lot to explore. They can use the play figures and these accessory items to create their own stories and develop imaginative ways of playing.

This resort has fantastic things like a snowmobile, bedrooms, dining area, lounge, hot tub, and kitchen.

As kids building this Lego set, you can put your coordination and motor skills to proper use. Their skills for reading are also improved using these instructions. 

lego lights

18. LEGO Friends Friendship House 41340 Kids

Using this lovely friendship house, your little girls would be excited. It has seven hundred and twenty-two Lego blocks. This means your little girls would need to remain focused forthem to construct this properly. All through the building, the motor skills and abilities used for coordination would get tested.

After your little ones build the LEGO set, she and all her friends could play with it in an ample space. These spaces could be the fire station, garage, kitchen, slides, terraces, andbedrooms. Using Emma, Olivia, and Andrea figures, mods could use them to enjoy several different rooms. They could also really enjoy creating.

This Lego set could be used with several other Legos you set to play and enjoy. 

19. Mia’s Camper Van

Using this Lego Friends Mia Campers van, your little girls would love to build this Lego set because it has four hundred and eighty-eight pieces. These would give your kids a tremendouschallenge that would call their coordination levels and check how advanced their motor skills have become. These could also get used by other Lego sets to aid in boosting the benefits of creative play.

You would like how they have added Mia and Stephanie toy figures. There’s also the horse that’s named Aria. This makes sure that little girls enjoy using high creativitylevels. They also want several scenarios to play with the provided toys.

Constructing this Lego set has a foldable canopy. It has got a tent, a kitchen, a bathroom, a sleeping space too. You would also love how the roof has got a closing and opening feature.This gives little kids several options to play using creativity.

Your little girls would play using their imagination; their motor skills would develop and improve coordination levels. You would also like to help your baby girls when they want toassemble some sections. This Legos set is best enjoyed by girls aged seven to twelve years old.

This Lego set is listed in this article because your little girl would play using encouragement. Let’s not forget about her coordination abilities and growing excellent motor skills.As your girl grows, these features would be necessary to aid in her growth, you know. 

Mia’s Camper Van

20. LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital 41318

Ah yes, for little girls that want to grow up and work in hospitals as either a Doctor or a Nurse. Well, this is a building Lego set that’s quite large, and using it, your babygirl would be engaged for a couple of hours. When your little girl is building this Lego set, she would be proper into it, and it would help her grow the rate at which she remains mindful of specific things.

These are attractive opportunities for little girls to develop their coordination and motor skills; let’s not forget about that. With a Lego set as large as this, their problem-solvingtechniques would come in handy, especially when they could get stuck while they build. This Lego set has a nursery, a bathroom, a crib, an ambulance, a helipad, and several other essential hospital accessories.

These essential parts are created to leave your young one entertained for several fun hours.

These are also adequately compatible with Lego pieces. These all serve as great features which would enable kids to play using a high amount of freedom. 


My thoughts on 20 Lego Gifts for Little Girls

I love this article. I love the LEGO sets more than the item. Just picking one to talk about here during the final notes is quite tricky. Well, I’ll be choosing the DC Lego SuperHero Girls and the Ariel Little Mermaid castle. Don’t mind me; I’m picking these sets because these are my girls. No one likes Ursula, she’s the bad guy, but it’s fun that she’s included in theLEGO set because we need to have a bad guy pursuing the good girl. I also love the fact that Ariel can both swim and walk using this Lego set. I’ll like to purchase this Lego set to see how the tail swims and how herlegs walk. It’s going to look excellent, though.

Then for the DC super Heroes girls, I love the fact that Super Girl is there. She’s standing in for all the girls that were not put in the LEGO set. It’s all cool, though.Did I forget about the Moana Lego set, don’t mind me. That’s another lovely Lego set. I love the fact that Maui, Hei Hei, and Moana have their own Lego Mini figures. This would help your little girls enjoy theLEGO set.

Well, I hope with this incredible, epic list above, all your troubles in looking for the perfect gift for your little girl have come to an end. Here’s to hoping she loves one ofthese. Catch you next time. 

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