Light Kit for Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936

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LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit

Light up your Jurassic Park Set

Let’s take you on a thrilling adventure with our LEGO Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936! You will definitely be blown away by this fascinating LEGO light kit we have designed for all fans of the Jurassic Park and LEGO fans.

LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit


LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit
LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit

Recreate even more of the movie at home

Structured beautifully to depict the setting of the awesome movie, this light kit will keep you in awe and make you experience an exciting emotion as the light brighten your environment. The LEGO 75936 Jurassic Park light kit is a must-have if you are into thrilling adventures and LEGO sets in general.

LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit

Capture the
T-Rex glare

LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit

Lights that take you
back in time

LEGO T. rex Jurassic Park Light Kit

Rampage on

Remote Control version VS Standard VS Classic

If you want to control the lights, then it's best to get the remote control version. However, both remote and standard versions are a wonder to behold at the same time as they come with the same lights. The Classic version comes without lighting for Dinosaurs and Minifigures.

What's Included

LEGO Lights

LEGO Lights with Original

Battery Box

AAA Battery Box (AAA
Batteries are not included)


Video Instruction (please
let us know if you need one)

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For Readers

If you haven’t watched the Jurassic Movie, you’re missing out. Jurassic Park roared into theatres on June 11, 1993, and 26 years later, elements from the film—from the theme music to the Tyrannosaurus rex logo—have become still iconic. In honour of the anniversary, LEGO Jurassic World created a new set that recreates some of the most famous scenes from the original movie.

The 3120 toy bricks in the Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage set come together to form the Jurassic Park gates and a hulking LEGO T. rex model. The posable dinosaur with snapping jaws has six minifigures to terrorize: Alan Grant, Ellie Sattler, John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ray Arnold, and Dennis Nedry. A baby dinosaur toy is also included.

The 16-inch gates leading to Jurassic Park can be opened with a trigger. On the other side of the facade are chambers holding bonus items and scenes from the movie. Ellie Sattler can investigate the power shed, Alan Grant can study a dinosaur nest with eggshells, and Dennis Nedry can drop his fake shaving cream can down a mudslide (the Nedry minifigure even has a face depicting what he looks like post-Dilophosaurus attack). And though a minifigure of lawyer Donald Gennaro is missing from the set, there is a toilet in case you want to recreate his infamous death with another character.

Aside from inspiring LEGO, the movie has also inspired games such as The Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition, which is a 1994 side-scrolling video game developed by BlueSky Software and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis. It is the sequel to Sega's previous Jurassic Park video game, based on the film of the same name and also released for the Genesis. Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition is a revamped version of its predecessor, featuring similar gameplay with several changes, and a new story that continues from where the previous game ended.

Both the movie and game are highly adventurous and fun, and this is what we have to offer you with LEGO Jurassic Park: T. rex Rampage 75936. If you're looking to recreate even more of the movie at home with some glowing light, you should get our LEGO light kit.


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